Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Our sign-up process is too simple. First you need to submit request here, then we will contact you via email or phone to discuss the work.

How long will it take for you to fix my site?

It depends on a task’s complexity. Once you submit the request, we will respond to you as soon as we could. Small/Minor and medium tasks would be done within 24-48 hours time.

What could be consider as minor or small or simple task?

Tasks such as,
DNS records update
PHP memory limit increase
Adding script to header/footer
Content update (which takes up to 30 minutes)
Duplicate any existing page
Phone/Email/Social links update
Removal of any page/posts
Image change on any individual page
Small CSS change
Update menu links
And many more…

How do I know if my task is small?

If the task sounds like simple, probably it’s small task. However, if you are not sure, just let us know and we will discuss via email or phone and provide you exact estimate about the time that require to complete.

What if you can not complete my task?

Some tasks are technically infeasible to complete within existing environment. In that case we will provide you detailed report. We can only able to tell you it’s doable or not doable after checking your website backend or code.

Such as after checking your website code/backend we realize, it may not possible to add any feature or fix your request within existing website setup.

Can you give assurance that you will fix the site?

Certainly yes, but in some cases we can’t provide assurance that task will be done. If we accept the work, we will try our best to complete it. However, it all depends on the limitations of existing setup.

If we unable to complete work due to existing setup limitation, we will discuss and figure out the refund amount based on our invested hours.

However, if we unable to complete any work that was assured by us, we will give you full refund of any paid amount.

What are your working hours or when can I expect a response?

We work around the clock with help of our remote team. However, we usually focused to respond to requests within 24 hours.

Do you actually work/support 24/7 a day?

We have team of developers across the world and all work on different time zone so that helps us to work around the clock.

Can you work for any agency?

Yes, for sure. We work for multiple agency for their regular web jobs. We do it as WHITE LABEL. We do sign NDA if needed.

Is our data safe with you?

Yes, don’t worry. We carefully safeguard your personal details, login credentials and other provided information. We never share website details or work details with any third-party agency or individuals.

Will my website optimized for desire page loading speed?

We try our best to give you the result you want. However, each tool has different algorithm to analyze website loading speed so we only try but not provide guarantee. We do not guarantee for desire page loading speed that suggested by any online portal or tool or report.

How do you keep my WordPress website secure?

We typically install free version of any popular WordPress security plugin and configure to keep your WordPress website secure.

What happens if a WordPress plugin/theme on my website is no longer supported?

We will spend up to 1 hour to fix any compatibility issue. However, if it would take more time, we will revert back to most recent stable version and will let you know with details about possible solution. It may cost additional so will let you know upfront before making any other changes to your website.