WooCommerce Tips and Tricks

WooCommerce Tips and Tricks

WooCommerce stores have such a large amount of alternative ways to grow that it will generally be onerous to stay track of what works and what doesn’t. Here are few WooCommerce tips and tricks you’ll be able to use to boost your Online store.

Motivate Reviews

As long as you take quality seriously, product and store reviews can only benefit you. Make sure to encourage reviews and offer tools that make writing reviews easy – including on social media.

Offer Deals

If you offer new deals and discounts on a daily basis, you get customers in the habit of checking your store more frequently. Of course don’t get into the habit of sending an email every day, but make the deals fun on your website so they want to visit often.

Offer More Discounts

Bulk orders can help you out by decreasing the cost of shipping and handling. Offer bulk discounts to encourage this behavior. Doing so helps both you and your customers. You could even offer free shipping after customers pass a certain spending threshold – this is widely popular and effective.

Show Stock Status Prominently

It’s frustrating to make a purchase only to find that an item is currently out of stock. Make it clear when items are out of stock or limited in stock so customers don’t have to face that issue.

Offer Wishlists

Providing an option to save items on a wishlist can turn a reluctant customer into paying customer. Make sure to make wishlists easy to add to and shop from.

Create Promotion

Adding sliders or banners to your store makes advertising promotions very easy. By putting one in your store, it allows customers to view all the discounts available without having to navigate away from the products they want.

Encourage User To Subscribe

Make sure you have a newsletter or regular mailing that customers can subscribe to. This gives you a way to reach out to them even when they haven’t visited your store in a while.

Create a Simple Checkout Process

Once your customers decide on a product, you should do all you can to get them through checkout quickly. One-click checkout options are best.

Create Product Videos

Product pictures are useful, but videos are even better. By providing videos, you can show your customer a product in action. Streaming services such as YouTube make accessing the videos easy, even on mobile devices.

Detailed Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions need to be short but effective, quickly highlighting the features of each product. Make sure that your sales copy is compelling and consider hiring a professional copywriter if needed. Also make use of bullets where possible.

Use Appealing Product Images

Your product images need to be high quality though as small as possible to make sure they load quickly. A customer waiting a long time for a product image to load may get impatient and move on to the next store.

Secure Your Store

Install an SSL certificate and make sure you use the best security plugins available for your storefront. There are many different ways that hackers can get your customers’ information, and you need to protect against all of them.

Use “Continue Shopping” Button

If your customer is about to place an order but then wants to buy something else, doing so should be as easy as a single click. Allowing customers to continue shopping at any point can increase your revenue.

If you follow above tips it will turn your WooCommerce store into money generating machine.