How to disable All WordPress Updates

How to disable All WordPress Updates

You most likely realize that WordPress consequently updates your site – including subjects and modules – every once in a while. While there’s a huge amount of advantages of programmed updates and engineers and analyzers dependably do their best to not have this event , there’s a slight shot they can break your site.

The most foreseen WordPress 3.7 had concocted pack of new highlights and security patches. This WordPress update is certainly not an ordinary one as past rendition of updates as WordPress group had incorporated an incredible component “Automatic Updates”.

Truly WordPress 3.7 would now be able to update itself foundation without approaching client for any adaptation or notices to update. WordPress group had acquainted this element with improve the solidness and security of your WordPress establishment.

You can disable WordPress all updates by two different ways which I have described below.

Note: You need to keep your WordPress updated including themes and plugins so if you fail for the same then it will might compromise security of your site.

Method 1: By Use of WordPress Plugin

There are hundreds of plugin available for free for this job but I would prefer to use Disable WP All Updates Advance plugin.

When you use this plugin, you only need to install and active it, and you all done!

For installation instruction, you will find at here or you can email the author too.

While using this plugin, it will disable upates for below list of updates.

  • WordPress Core
  • All Installed Themes
  • All Plugins

Method 2: Without Using any Plugin

Another method to disable this updates is use of WordPress default hooks & filters.

This method usually hugely accepted by the developer now a days.

How to disable WordPress Core Updates?

Simply copy below code and it to your current theme function.php file.


How to disable WordPress Plugin Updates?

Simply copy below code and it to your current theme function.php file.


How to disable WordPress Theme Updates?

Simply copy below code and it to your current theme function.php file.

remove_action( 'load-update-core.php', 'wp_update_themes' );
add_filter( 'pre_site_transient_update_themes', '__return_null' );

So you may use this individual code as needed and place the same in your theme function.php file to disable respective updates.